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How I Took 20 Mins Off Marathon PB In 3 Months

I turned 50 years yesterday. It is my big wish that I would be a part of any half marathon. But at this age I need some encouragement and support from the runners. I need also some tips from the runners for their experience. Please show me path that I would be a good runner in future. I have been practicing for running in last 2 months. Now I can run 10 kilometers. I want to take part in half marathon. Please guide me. Thanks a lot

How I Took 20 Mins Off Marathon PB in 3 Months

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Yes it is good advice, I am 74 and with a pb of 2.37 for the marathon at London 1981. And 71 mins for half marathon in the same year. Now I struggle to do 5k in 30 mins often hitting the wall after only 3k when I try to run at 10.6 km per hour. I guess I should just be happy I can run

YES v good. I turned 64 and half and ran 2 half marathon back to back in a gap of 50 days @ 6.33 a kilometre. Just after 4 months of structured training . During lock down ran 900+ kilometres in 9 months. Now pace when pace increases hear rate goes high which was not a case before.

I started running 2 months ago, have done my 6th run yesterday with no training other than these 6 runs, have done 2 weeks straight then miss the odd week here and there, first time 25.56, next week I ran a 23.30, took 2 weeks off, then ran a 23.00, next week a 22.23,, took a week off then ran a 22.19 decided to buy shoes without holes in them and yesterday (the next week) ran a 22.09, so that is 3:45 min improvement in 2 months. The goal is sub 20min by end of year.

I go to the gym and do a mixture of weights/circuits and running on the treadmill. Even after all these months I find it hard to run 5km non stop. I have done it about 5/6 times, but usually I need a couple of breathers.My fastest time is 33mins. I usually set the machine at 9mph and move it up or down a little depending on how I feel.

Two years ago, I ran my fourth marathon in 3:56. I took more than an hour off my time in three years, without devoting my entire life to running. I work a full-time job, volunteer and have an active social life, but I never felt like I was giving anything up for running. If anything, it added to the quality of my life.

You can do 80/20 training. This is when you do 80% of your running using the low-heart-rate-training. The remaining 20% you can do speed work etc. But it also depends on the individual. I found that when I did speedwork I had trouble getting my heart rate down the next day when I was doing my low-heart-rate-training. So I didn't do any speedwork while I was mastering the low-heart-rate-training which in my case took about three months.

In May I purchased a HR Monitor and Garmin 310 XT watch and started training at my maximum aerobic heart rate of 150. To find your max aerobic HR click here. In May I realized to run at this 150 HR, I had to slow down a lot to 8:30 min / miles on the road, and often a pace of 10 to 11 min / miles on trails with hills. It felt much slower than I was used to but I wanted to build a solid aerobic base. In July, after 2 months of running slower, I ran 7:30 min / mile at 150HR. In August, this pace dropped to 7:00 / mile and early October before I ran my marathon this was 6:40 / mile.

I took a 20 minute ice bath after the run and my legs felt totally fine. Next on my horizon is the Avalon 50 mile race on January 11th, 2014. My training plan for the next 3 months will include more trail and hill runs at aerobic pace.

Felicidades Amigo! With your tips and enthusiasm you definitely helped me as well run my marathon faster than i initially expected. I did not go all the way with the nutrition and stuff (still love the occasional beer or two) but definitely shaved off pounds in the past few months and was very excited about the training you in LB and around. Keep it up !

After training for 5 months and a marathon taper I was able to run 6:40 pace at my 150 aerobic threshold HR the week before my marathon. Hope that helps. Keep it up with your HR monitor and let me know how it goes!

Just happen to catch your article on how you attained a sub 3 timing within months and I find it very inspiring! I have been facing problems to overcome my running plateau ever since i hit my PB at 4:20 and your article come just in time for me to pick up tips as I prepared for a marathon in December. Nice write up!

I have been training for a half marathon for a few months and had upto the 18k mark and was on plan to do it in uder 2 hours which is my goal. Went to a running shop for new footwear and got sold the wrong shoes. Long story short, very bad blistering consistantly after a few runs, and out of action for a while.Got the footwear changed and although things improved i had a holiday to go on and then a very busy period with work and a new born to deal with.

I have been training for half marathon for the last five months. The race is in three weeks I run 30 miles a week. I have not been able to run for six days due to injury in my calf muscle not sure what happen. I did 11 miles on Saturday and Sunday during my run my left calf started hurting so bad I could not finish my run. I am 54 years old and have been running for 35 years need some advice.

Hello Jeff, Great article. Questions for you.I ran a marathon in May 2013. Ended up with a minor calf strain a week later. I am taking 6 weeks off to make sure its healed up. I have another marathon in January 2014 6 months away. I start running again in August and my marathon program starts in Sept. How long do you think it would take me to get back into my pr shape before I start my training? And should I go with a lower volume plan this time coming off an injury or can I resume my same plan?

Hello, one thing I have been doing for a couple of years now, is taking 30 days off in the winter (mid Dec to mid Jan) after the fall marathon season and then another month off at the beginning of summer (june-ish) after spring marathon season. I have not been injured in a while but I am wondering if this is too much time off. I am trying to BQ. I have made progress over the years. Going from a 4;32 marathoner in Oct 2010 to a 3:42 in Oct 2014. I need to get below 3:30. Still I am wondering if the 2 months off which I do to mentally & physically rest hold me back as well. Thanks.

hey, ive just started runnin the in the last months. i run about 6k a day 5- 6 days a week.. this week i have pushed it to almost 7 and my legs are slightly sore in places so i took today the 5th day off.. i cant help but feel guilty or like im letting my progress down. but it feels like some days rest could be good for me.. howmany days a week would you reccomend runnign and resting??

As a side note, I believe a marathon is not the best target event for new runners. I am fully aware that "bucket-listers" occupy a place in our sport; however, creating long-term passion for long-distance running is tougher when so many are targeting the longest and most brutal running event as their first-ever race goals. Can folks with little running experience "finish" a marathon with eight, 10 or 12 weeks of training? Certainly. But why not take 5 to 6 months and do it better, regardless of your goals? If you are not deterred by my shot across the proverbial running bow, then let's continue.

It's wise to train for at least 6 months before you begin targeted training for a marathon. Use this time to build up your endurance, stamina, and muscles. A solid year of running three to four times per week and racing shorter races such as a half marathon, will best equip you for the rigors of training for and running a marathon.

How much running experience do you need before you run a marathon? One year? Five years? Try a mere 24 weeks! As long as you are currently healthy, you can go from couch to marathon finisher in less than six months.

I took up running last year as an alternative to keeping fit, as lockdown made it hard to keep a consistent gym routine. Initially I just started like most people, going out the door and running to hit a certain distance. Eventually managed to get my 10km to around 56mins, which for someone who hated running and was never a long distance runner was a small milestone for myself. I decided to set a target of trying to get a sub 50min 10km, and sub 23mins 5km, and hopefully just complete a half marathon distance in a reasonable time (sub 2hours).

More experienced runners will tend to begin their training for a half marathon with four months to go. If you're a beginner, you should have used the month or two prior to build up your base level of fitness and endurance.

How to train for a marathon depends on your running experience and current base training. While it might take an elite runner a couple of weeks to refocus their training and get in tip-top shape for a marathon, it might take a couch to marathoner months.

For those who work out regularly or even semi-regularly, give yourself 3-4 months to train for a full marathon. Your overall fitness will certainly help you cross that finish line, but running requires a particular skillset that is best built gradually.

If you are changing your race distance to become a marathoner, give yourself 2-3 months to get marathon-ready. Your run form is likely in good shape, but finding and maintaining marathon pace over such a long distance is a tall order.

Today November 5 marks my 3 months of running, I have lost about 8 lbs since I started this journey,I am currently 31 years but people at work think am 22 or 24,my self esteem has boosted I love how light I feel I lost a small tummy I had,now I can wear crop tops, I have increased my pace ,yesterday I ran 5k in 26 minutes,today I finished 5.7 miles in 1h38 mins,min, can now run 15kilometers comfortably ,I look forward to compete for cross-country the coming spring and then start training for half marathon.

We understand now that my Disney half marathon training is what prepared my heart for the real life marathon I was to endure. It took a new medical team, two additional surgeries, another full year of supplemental IV nutrition, countless hours of physical therapy and sheer determination to get me where I am today. 041b061a72

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